Philosophy Of The Seal

The seal is an iconic symbol of security. Layers of security inform the pull seal. The tightening seal, or a pull-up type of seal, uses a number of layers of security identifications. These include the issue of a unique number.

The issue of a logo is indicative of this uniqueness as well. Protection is given to latching mechanisms against direct access infringements. Users of devices, stores and doors are given the ability to be in control of a locking mechanism or collet.

Labelling methods are being applied. These are being done through laser marking and pad printing. It is designed that the attempt to circumvent provided protections will be easily and immediately visible. Seals give users the ability to provide access control to all objects. The list of objects being secured through the use of the pull seal will be quite extensive. And these would include warehouses, containers, vehicles, offices, cash collection bags, cash in banks, slot machines, lockers, luggage compartments, and so on and so forth.

pull seal

Using the seal, it is also possible to secure or protect food sources such as fish, meat and honey, and the fur trade from the threats of forgery as well as theft. The design of seals has a few distinct advantages. Users have visual control of their secured devices or product. Pull seals are easy to install. They are generally of a high quality. And it is not possible to prise or force open these seals without visibly damaging them.

But at least one distinct advantage to the use of the pull seal has been detected. The seal’s material can be broken quite easily. And it cannot work as a fastening element.  Perhaps it is both fair and safe to say that advantages far outstrip disadvantages?