Finding the Right Motorcycle Jacket

motorcycle gear

One of the best things about being a motorcycle man or woman is the ability to wear leather jackets and look awesome. There are many jackets to choose from, but they need to be chosen for the right reasons. While looking epic is a pretty good priority for your motorcycle gear, you also need to consider your needs as a rider and the environment you are in.

The jacket needs to be comfortable, even on longer rides, and protect you from the wind, rain, and sun. They also need to be durable enough to last, resist wear and tear and probably contain at least one pocket or zipper. A leather jacket is extremely tough and durable, so it’s the right choice to wear on rocky terrain.

However, it can get very hot very quickly, so a good textile jacket can keep the air flowing during the hotter months. Many riders have many jackets made from many different materials, allowing for customization no matter the weather or terrain. There isn’t a complete do it all jacket out there, but by having several to choose from at least you can come close.

You do want a jacket that is padded in the spine and shoulder areas to keep you safe during a crash. Leather is the best course for protection if you are racing or on some difficult terrain, but if you are just cruising around the neighborhood than you might go with some less protection heavy gear. Again, the right jacket for you will be dependent on a number of factors, and you’ll probably end up with three or four jackets that are right for specific situations.

Finally, no matter how many benefits they offer you, the jackets should also be comfortable to wear at all times.